Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pics from the Orange look i did the other Day from the video :)

sorry i totally forgot to post picks of the orange look i did the other day i only posted a short video of lol i was going for a look that i could use for halloween during the day it kinda looks the same as the other look i did but diffrent hope yah gals like it :)

things used
-Orange NYX jumbo pencil as base
-bright orange from 121 palette on entire lid
-black from 121 palette on outter crease
-orange "SPLASH" GLITTER over the orange eyeshadow on lids
-#45 Sassi lashes
-pink clear gloss with orange glitter over it.


jeSmakeup said...

oOohhhh i like this orange black wit the glittery... i wanna try this now... haha thanks for the idea! i like it. looks great on u! xoxo

Jessica Dee said...

damn woman! you are bold with it!

looks good though, i'm lovin those lashes!!

Neeyuh said...

Very pretty! I haven't seen too many orange looks this bold. Those lashes are totally hott!! =)