Friday, May 23, 2008

heres my look for dinner

so heres my look for tonight it was inspired by the luvly vanessa from "nessarymakeup" i had to try it out ;) hope u gals like it....

-base UDPP
-inner crease-ricepaper (eS)
-outter teal (pig)

"P:S-you can CLICK to ENLARGE :)"


so i stopped by the mall yesterday because i needed to releive some stress lol so i went to MAC!!! i also am doing my cousins makeup for her banquet for sku and i decided to pick up a few new colors that i dont have....

i took a quick look at the new  neo sci fi collection but nothing really caught my eye i wish they still had out naught nauticals cuz i think i would have gotten sum eyeshadows but to my luck they had none!!! although they did still have the pigments ah it was ok cuz im trynah save for thee BF's graduation next week 
its so funny cuz one of the MA's there was like nope shes not gonna get any from that  collection cause she's all about the color lol

i was surprised wen he said that :)

well any who i picked up 
-shimmermoss (ES)
-Electric eel (eS)
-ricepaper (ES)

Also i went to walmart and picked up a HIP eyeshadow duo and from the mall a lipgloss

i got 2 of them from back to mac so that was a + but i totally forgot that i need a new PALLETE cuz i filled my other 1 yay thats gonna give me another excuse to buy more stuff LOL like i need it!!! haha thats wut the boyfriend would say but i would say of coarse i do ;) or "i dont have this color yet" ha ha ha

im taking my Boy toy to dinner tonight since today was his last day of high sku :) thank god that part is over now he had grad practice all next week lol and then we start planing more in DETAIL for his party !!! aughh i know thats gonna be pretty STRESSFULL '

i remember doing mine all by my self last year it was hard but fun at the same time seeing it all cum together in the end :)

ok until later 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

heres my moms 2 american buldogs there so luvable even though they may look kinda scary lol an there house dogs lol