Sunday, October 5, 2008


So i havent been updating this thing for a while i been making video's and postng them on youtube and i always try to pt um on here but it doesn't upload/takes FOREVER so i just have to put pics i guesss lol well hope all u lovely ladies are doing well lately i been ordering things online like every WEEK OMG makeup is TOO ADDICTING!!!!! and now i SO wanna GET some MEHRON Palettes/sum stuff from (sillyfarm) cuz im kinda into that face painting mode since halloween is cuming up and all i thought it would be SUPER FUN to try some things and i would LOVE to ADD more DETAIL so sum of my makeup looks but i have yet to order the MEHRON palettes im TRYING to HOLD back on this SPENDING cuz it AINT my $$$ that im spending lol but any who i think that will be the LAST thing i order or BUY TILL like the MIDDLE of this month cuz i REALLY wanna get my HANDS on those new "RED SHE SAID" collection from MAC BUT i just might be REALLY BROKE BY then and i KNOW that LINE is gonna sell out FAST....

so i guess i will leave u with sum pics of HAULS and LOOKS i did in the past COUPLE WEEKS.
This was just a video clip of a look that i might use on halloween during the day to a family party :) i didnt wanna post the whole video but you can view it on my youtube at


Bright Colored Makeup said...

OMG. I love your accent. I never knew you had one. :)

cta808 said...

LOl i sound weird in video's :) i never even new i sounded like that hahah