Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Makeup removers

hey this is just a little post on the 2 makeup removers i have so far havent really tried any other products because i have been happy with these makeup wipes from walmart :)

BUt the other day i bought a new one that was similar to the one i had seen on (nessarymakeup) aka vanessa's blog and wanted to give it a try it cost $3.50 so i couldnt go wrong whith that :)...
and i tried it today an im LOVING IT!!!! it has a pump which you press on and the consistancy is like lotion. at first i was like "is this right"???? hahahah and when i took off my makeup with it,

It left my skin feeling great it did not feel dry or sticky i have sensitive,acne prone skin which is dry and oily in sum places and products like "CLINIQUE" REALLY MESS up my SKIN

I tried a line from them in the past which was one of those starter sets, i had bought it from macys not to sure but i think it came with "a face wash, toner, moisturizer and sumthing for my blemishes" they have it on sephora also. After about a week or 2 it totally STRIPED my SKIN and made it all dry RED and ITCHY my nose was pealing even my forehead and later it even made me break out AUGHH!!! worst expirience ever and for that price i thought it would be good.

at first i felt kinda bad cuz i HATE RETURNING things but then i thought to my self "shit i payed $62 BUCKS for this thing" !!!! so i should get my money back lol and i did ImiDiately!!!! now i cant really use any products from them i even tried one of there POPULAR MOISTURISERS it cums in the YELLOW tube... i forget wut it was called i just know it was from clinique and i purchased it at sephora for like $15 bucks a small size one which SUcKED on MY SKIN TOO!!! so NO MORE CLINIQUE for me lol

any ways

so wut kind of makeup removers to u gals use??? and how much do you like them:) let me know i'd like to here about it ok well no FOTD'S today its dark outside already and my lighting in this house sucks so i can only do tutorials during the day which sucks!!!


Jessica Dee said...

OMGG i use the same equate wipes! They are the bomb diggs.

Neeyuh said...

I think I wanna try out those wipes! I use the MAC ones and their just too greasy for me.