Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i was tagged

so i was tagged by heyitsria

Here's 6 non-important things about me :D
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6 non-important things about me

1.im obsessed with everything hello kitty from wen i was little if u were to walk into our house every where you'd look u'd see hello kitty lol all over my room even in the kitchen and bathroom lol yah i know a lot of pepo are into it, its so cute :)

2. i luv dogs i grew up around them and only now i finally have a little doggy wen i was younger i only had big dogs i'll show u my moms dogs that i lived with in the HOUSE for years :) there HUGE but very smart and loveable!!!

3. i have a BF who is ADDICTED to playing his PS3 and wen i say ADDICTED i REALLY MEAN IT!!!! he is all out on that thing wen it cums to PLAYING MADDEN 08 and NBA live 08!!! he's played the #1 ranked guys in da world and has WON u should check his records lol im sure a lot of your BF's are addicted to playing games but u havent meet this ADDICT i SWEAR its his DRUG he'll LITERALLLY stay up till 9;00 in da mornin an play till i get up the next day WTF!!! an i so dont wanna talk about wen he lOOSES OMG stay clear of him lol

4. so with #3 being said since i was in elementary i was addicted to gameboys/mostly anything from nintendo dat came out like N64 to game cube/now Nintendo DS's and Wii every year they cum out wit a new one an i end up getting a new one lol usually if its a gameboy cuz i kinda prefer palying wen im on the go and bored lol and not jus a new one i usually get the limited edition japan version which is like a nice ass color so by now i have a BUNCH of those dam GAMEBOYS around my house lol an i jus luv playing Wii :)

5.i love to ride my Quad/GO PED well every one here in our little ass town knows my family espicially my brother for riding quads and me ridng my go ped it aint one of those ugly looking ATV's that are AUtOMATIC hahaha my brother taught me how to pop that CLUTCH at an early age and not to BE SCARED of DIRT!!! hahah and yes my brother them like to Soup it up have a custom paint job which they do on there own time its all out and they make it RACE READY!!! ALL CHROME RACE PIPES AND ENGINES I COULD go on for days about wut i learned lol i mean yah i luv makeup but i also like to get DIRTY!! yes im addicted to SPEED hahaha i luv that THRILL. one day i'll post sum pics of us lol

6.lastly i love to eat a lot of my food with ranch dressing espicially with every thing chicken and even with hamburger helper lol i know weird but i luv it lol