Thursday, October 16, 2008

just a quick hello and sneak peek of my halloween look

hey so im just checking in today i worked on a look for halloween that i had tried out already it was my tinkerbell look :) it came out great but i have yet to come up with an outfit and hairdo for it i didnt wanna buy the tinkerbell costume becuz i seen it i person and it wasnt all that nice and i was kinda iffy about ordering it online becuz of the size and all but here's a pic of me and mydoggy layla just for fun i'll post the video and the whole look later on...... and i bet a lot of yah got to check out the "red she said" eyeshadow trio's since they cam out today boooo for it not cuming out here in hawaiii!!!! k hope yah gals are haivng an awsome week k you all take care now <3toodles


jeSmakeup said...

wow i love the shimmers.. where did u purchase them again n for how much.. i want some!! send me some! hahaha how did u get it on u to stay witout fallin off?

Jessica Dee said...

pretty mama