Saturday, November 22, 2008

makeup HAUL :)

so heres a few things i picked up today went to the mall since i had a day off from work! huh dont know wen imma be off again i usually work 6 days a week or even 7 if i can get it lol but yah i wanna save up so i can for sure buy my family every thing they wanted/need not to mention all the baking i have to squeeze in for the holidays :) mmmhhmm for thanksgiving imma make "red Velvet" CUPCAKES :) cant wait to spend time with the family and have a nice dinner. ANY whostopped at MAC of coarse!! wen i went to the mall and

my BF bought me the other little darlings "warm eyes" pigment set since i bought the "cool EYES" weeks ago now im leeming on getting the purple red she said eyeshadow palette since i already have the "smokey" and "warm eyes" WHICh i LOVE!!! there great for every day neutral looks an u can use it to intensify wut ever look u want if yah want it more dramatic look.

So heres another eye shadow duo i picked up from MAC actually before i walked outta the mall i passed the mac counter again and was like i so want this DUO so i bought this an PAINTERLY paintPOT

Also before that i went to K MARt picked up sum great brushes i finally found a set of "POSH" brushes they never use to sell those here in hawaii so wen i seen it i was like i gotta have it the brush set i got is GREAT PERFECT set for traveling or sticking in your PURSE wen yah go sum where since there a mini set :)

I also picked up 2 other regular brushes which i already have from K mart but these are pink ones which are super cheep and really soft

I'll prolly post my COSTCO brush set later i dont feel like taking pics of it yet.... but i can say the BRUSHES are so WORTH the price!!!!
hope u all have a good weekend too bad i gotta work

Thursday, November 20, 2008


these posts on here havent done a post or a video on you tube in ages youtube becuz sumthing was wrong wit my account and on here blogger cuz i been slacking and i FINALLY got a job!! YAY me lol im officially a cashier at LOngs DruGs i mean nothing too special but hey its a job and they pay me every week lmao although since i just started yesterday which was tuesday i wont get payed till next thursday then after that every thursday FRICK i CANT WAIT i so WANNA head to MAC and blow sum MULAH!!! hahah plus LONGS SELLS CHOKE NYX makeup there and sum stuff for home that i wanna pick up they have great sales and already my family is bugging me for my employee discount lol

an 1 of my grandma's who now live in okinawa wants me to send her some hawaiian chocolates and sum other goodies thank god shes sending me sum DOUGH for new work shoes and her gifts lol

well any who no buys for me right now the last makeup item i purchased was my "MAC little Darlings COOL EYES pigments" which i luv but havent really touched since i bought it the other week so "metal URGE" came out i think i wanna buy all the GLITTERS u know me i luv my glitters

any who hope all of you are doing well sorry again for the lack of postsupdated i'll try to post sum pics soon any who its 1:30 at night here and i gotta hit the sheets cuz i work tomorrow at 9-9 augghh so tired from work half falling asleep on here k u all take care <3chanel

Friday, November 7, 2008


So here is my haul from its a new website that sells mac pigment samples and A LOT of NYX for CHEAP the company is run by one of youtubes beauty guru's called "Makeupsquare" many of you might of hurd of her check out her sight she sells the stuff pretty cheep :) the lipsticks,lipgloss,jumbo pencils all $1.50 each.

and also i got sum of the mac holiday collection :) hope you gals enjoy let me know if yah have any other questions

sorry PIC HEAVY :)


awkward post i know lol

dammit i didnt get to pick up my package from "" aww well tomorrow 1st thing in the morning lol i will be all over it :)

so i just seen "vans" post on birthcontrol lol

and i was just left her a comment that i wanted to blog about that situation

so wen i seen her post lol i thought i might as well make one if she did it hahaha so if yah dont wanna read this stuff stop now lol

any who i just recently went back on the depo provera shot im sure most of u have hurd about it....

well for me i like it because u take it every 3 MONTHS!!! yah it lasts for a really long time so i like the concept of that although the shot is painful every time i take it.... i wont be able to sleep on my arm if i get it there or if i get it on my butt lol it hurts to lie on.... but other than that over the years that i have been on it through out high sku and omg i was NOT i mean not only using it for birth control but i went on it at a young age becuz i have a IRREGULAR PERIOD to where my PERIOD would LAST over a MONTH LONG yes A FRIKEN MONTh not to MENTIOn EMERGENCY ROOM trips i think i went to the emergency 4 times in 2 months becuz my cramps and back pain was so BAD that i had to be injected wit some pain killers to stop alll tha dam pain!!! AUGHH i went through HELL!!!

that is why i went on the shot wen i was in like 6th grade an yah only wen i was a senior i went off it becuz i wanted to see if my period would be bad like before so i have been off it for like 2 years now an jus went on it again a month ago and NOW my PERIODs all FU*kED up!!! i had it for like a month already off an on wut the FU&*K man!!!
but any who back wen i was on it,
it did CLEAR up my PIMPLES REALLLY REALLY WELL and not to mention i DONT get my PERIOD AT ALL only very little spoting at the end of the 3 months right before im suppost to take it again.

for some pepo this can differ and be the complete opposite and they will have a heavy flow so yah all pepo are diffrent but for me it was a very good thing at the time....

so now im debating weather or not to stay on it..... i hate the pill and dont think i wanna go on the ring theres a couple more options but i might jus stay on the shot a little konger to see if my peroid goes away thats ANOTHER reasin why I LIKE it so MUCH!!! cuz i dont get my PERIOD!!! YAY i mean seriously who likes dealing wit that!! AUGHH

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

finally a post lol

hey yah'll hope u all had a wonderfull and fun halloween mine was pretty layed back just chilled wit the family :) but any who havent done any hauling lately but i am suppost to get a package in the mail either today or tomorrow:) cant wait cuz i oredered a lot of NYX lippies and SHADESTICKS yay

but any who i had to buy a outfit today becuz i have a job interview tomorrow so i hope that goes well..... any who i will post more tomorrow hopefully i get my package of goodies lol k until then toodlles <3

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TAG TIme :)

I also got tagged by Neeyuh :)

Here's the rules:
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10 Years Ago:
1. lmao going through puburty eww
2.just got braces
3. got acrylic nails done for the first time
4. highlighted my hair blond for the 1st time :)
5. went to the dermatologist for the 1st time major break out aughh!!!

Things on Today's "To Do" List:
1. went to the mall
2. clean up the house
3. find a blouse for cousins party :)
4. Watch new episode of Lincoln Heights :)
5. see my dad

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. find a good doctor for my mom to get a little bit better with her disease even if it was possible a cure for it... my parents houses and wut ever they wanted off my parents and grandparents bills
4. invest my $$ into sumthing worth it
5. buy me a house and a couple cars and save the rest

5 Places I have lived:
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

5 Jobs I have had -
1. Glenn's towing.Dispatcher/office clerk for little over a YEAR...
2.-havent worked through out high and now because i have taken care of my mom all through high sku so no time for partys or work barely had time for a sociel life but i have gained a lot from this and it has made me a stronger person pretty much that was my job...

i was tagged

so i was tagged by heyitsria

Here's 6 non-important things about me :D
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6 non-important things about me obsessed with everything hello kitty from wen i was little if u were to walk into our house every where you'd look u'd see hello kitty lol all over my room even in the kitchen and bathroom lol yah i know a lot of pepo are into it, its so cute :)

2. i luv dogs i grew up around them and only now i finally have a little doggy wen i was younger i only had big dogs i'll show u my moms dogs that i lived with in the HOUSE for years :) there HUGE but very smart and loveable!!!

3. i have a BF who is ADDICTED to playing his PS3 and wen i say ADDICTED i REALLY MEAN IT!!!! he is all out on that thing wen it cums to PLAYING MADDEN 08 and NBA live 08!!! he's played the #1 ranked guys in da world and has WON u should check his records lol im sure a lot of your BF's are addicted to playing games but u havent meet this ADDICT i SWEAR its his DRUG he'll LITERALLLY stay up till 9;00 in da mornin an play till i get up the next day WTF!!! an i so dont wanna talk about wen he lOOSES OMG stay clear of him lol

4. so with #3 being said since i was in elementary i was addicted to gameboys/mostly anything from nintendo dat came out like N64 to game cube/now Nintendo DS's and Wii every year they cum out wit a new one an i end up getting a new one lol usually if its a gameboy cuz i kinda prefer palying wen im on the go and bored lol and not jus a new one i usually get the limited edition japan version which is like a nice ass color so by now i have a BUNCH of those dam GAMEBOYS around my house lol an i jus luv playing Wii :)

5.i love to ride my Quad/GO PED well every one here in our little ass town knows my family espicially my brother for riding quads and me ridng my go ped it aint one of those ugly looking ATV's that are AUtOMATIC hahaha my brother taught me how to pop that CLUTCH at an early age and not to BE SCARED of DIRT!!! hahah and yes my brother them like to Soup it up have a custom paint job which they do on there own time its all out and they make it RACE READY!!! ALL CHROME RACE PIPES AND ENGINES I COULD go on for days about wut i learned lol i mean yah i luv makeup but i also like to get DIRTY!! yes im addicted to SPEED hahaha i luv that THRILL. one day i'll post sum pics of us lol

6.lastly i love to eat a lot of my food with ranch dressing espicially with every thing chicken and even with hamburger helper lol i know weird but i luv it lol