Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coastel Scents Glitter Haul

HEy guys this is just a little glitter haul i ordered from coastel scents i just got it inthe mail on thursday but totaly forgot to post post it and i only took pictures today :) so if yah guys wanna know anything else just let me know i payed $1.50 for each of them and they were 1tsp. oh yah and my grandma came home from her trip to vegas but she actually lives in okinawa now so she stoped over here in hawaii for the weekend :) and she gave all the girls sum lip gloss's the orange one is called
"twisted citrus" and the reddish color one is called "the big caramapple".


jeSmakeup said...

what are those glidder powerders for? u have sooo many!!! the colors r soOoo pretty tho

Jessica Dee said...

ooohh so pretty! & so many@

Neeyuh said...

awesome glitter haul!! Are you gonna do some looks using them? I would love to see them if you do!