Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TAG TIme :)

I also got tagged by Neeyuh :)

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10 Years Ago:
1. lmao going through puburty eww
2.just got braces
3. got acrylic nails done for the first time
4. highlighted my hair blond for the 1st time :)
5. went to the dermatologist for the 1st time major break out aughh!!!

Things on Today's "To Do" List:
1. went to the mall
2. clean up the house
3. find a blouse for cousins party :)
4. Watch new episode of Lincoln Heights :)
5. see my dad

5 Things that I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. find a good doctor for my mom to get a little bit better with her disease even if it was possible a cure for it...
2.buy my parents houses and wut ever they wanted
3.pay off my parents and grandparents bills
4. invest my $$ into sumthing worth it
5. buy me a house and a couple cars and save the rest

5 Places I have lived:
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

5 Jobs I have had -
1. Glenn's towing.Dispatcher/office clerk for little over a YEAR...
2.-havent worked through out high and now because i have taken care of my mom all through high sku so no time for partys or work barely had time for a sociel life but i have gained a lot from this and it has made me a stronger person pretty much that was my job...

i was tagged

so i was tagged by heyitsria

Here's 6 non-important things about me :D
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6 non-important things about me

1.im obsessed with everything hello kitty from wen i was little if u were to walk into our house every where you'd look u'd see hello kitty lol all over my room even in the kitchen and bathroom lol yah i know a lot of pepo are into it, its so cute :)

2. i luv dogs i grew up around them and only now i finally have a little doggy wen i was younger i only had big dogs i'll show u my moms dogs that i lived with in the HOUSE for years :) there HUGE but very smart and loveable!!!

3. i have a BF who is ADDICTED to playing his PS3 and wen i say ADDICTED i REALLY MEAN IT!!!! he is all out on that thing wen it cums to PLAYING MADDEN 08 and NBA live 08!!! he's played the #1 ranked guys in da world and has WON u should check his records lol im sure a lot of your BF's are addicted to playing games but u havent meet this ADDICT i SWEAR its his DRUG he'll LITERALLLY stay up till 9;00 in da mornin an play till i get up the next day WTF!!! an i so dont wanna talk about wen he lOOSES OMG stay clear of him lol

4. so with #3 being said since i was in elementary i was addicted to gameboys/mostly anything from nintendo dat came out like N64 to game cube/now Nintendo DS's and Wii every year they cum out wit a new one an i end up getting a new one lol usually if its a gameboy cuz i kinda prefer palying wen im on the go and bored lol and not jus a new one i usually get the limited edition japan version which is like a nice ass color so by now i have a BUNCH of those dam GAMEBOYS around my house lol an i jus luv playing Wii :)

5.i love to ride my Quad/GO PED well every one here in our little ass town knows my family espicially my brother for riding quads and me ridng my go ped it aint one of those ugly looking ATV's that are AUtOMATIC hahaha my brother taught me how to pop that CLUTCH at an early age and not to BE SCARED of DIRT!!! hahah and yes my brother them like to Soup it up have a custom paint job which they do on there own time its all out and they make it RACE READY!!! ALL CHROME RACE PIPES AND ENGINES I COULD go on for days about wut i learned lol i mean yah i luv makeup but i also like to get DIRTY!! yes im addicted to SPEED hahaha i luv that THRILL. one day i'll post sum pics of us lol

6.lastly i love to eat a lot of my food with ranch dressing espicially with every thing chicken and even with hamburger helper lol i know weird but i luv it lol

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my Pink look for wuzzyangels contest

hey guys so hers my look for wuzzyangels breast cancer awareness month contest i had so much fun doing it :) hope yah guys like it :)

things used
-mac paint pot perky as base
-121 palette pink color on lid
-mac pink freeze on brow bone for highlight
-mac fushia pigment on lower lashline
-sassi eyelashes #45


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

finally my halloween tinkerbell look with my doggy

hey guys so this is the look i did for my halloween look :) or at least one of them im thinking im going to try do atleast one more look :) not sure yet wut but i entered this into a contest and this is just y take on tinkerbell look hope u guys like it

things used
-fresco rose painpot on lid
-purple color shadow from 88 matte palette from coastel scents
-reflects pearl pigment applied over purple color on lid
-lime green glitter on brow bone from coastel scents
-#68 lashes from red cherry
-purple punch glitter form coastel scents applied on lower lash line

and you can chck out my video on my youtube its youtube.com/user/cta808

so here are sum pics of the look and also my love layla and her tinkerbell costume hope u guys like it
Picture heavy :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


so i just placed my order online for the mac holiday collection i ordered 2 of the palettes the "smokey eyes" and the "warm eyes" i was going to get the purple color one but ithough to my self i dont really where purples.... maybe wen it cums out here in hawaii of if i see swatches then i'll get it.... i dont have any smokey eyes colors or much browns so i thought i might as well get those and still DIEING/WAITING for them to REALEASE the PIGMENT sets i am so gonna NAB those :) cant wait :)

oh yah if you go to there sight u have to type in "mac holiday collection 2008" because u cant see it wen u launch there page then it will cum up!!!

Happy shopping to u all :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

just a quick hello and sneak peek of my halloween look

hey so im just checking in today i worked on a look for halloween that i had tried out already it was my tinkerbell look :) it came out great but i have yet to come up with an outfit and hairdo for it i didnt wanna buy the tinkerbell costume becuz i seen it i person and it wasnt all that nice and i was kinda iffy about ordering it online becuz of the size and all but here's a pic of me and mydoggy layla just for fun i'll post the video and the whole look later on...... and i bet a lot of yah got to check out the "red she said" eyeshadow trio's since they cam out today boooo for it not cuming out here in hawaiii!!!! k hope yah gals are haivng an awsome week k you all take care now <3toodles

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I CANT BELEIVE ALL THE COLLECTIONS MAC IS GONNA BE RELEASING shit im gonna be so BROKE its not even funny OMG i just seen pursebuzz's page on the "red she said" and they already have it online!!!! they have the eye shadow trio's i got these pics of these collections from specktra.com and from pursebuzz so thanks to them :) i wanna get the red and black trio it looks pretty and check out pursebuzz's page she has a look they did on her from MAC
i only put sum pics on here u can see more on specktra.net

this is the dame Edna Collection ohhh pretty in purple remeinds me of the heatherete packaging but in purple supppost to be released on December 26 2008

this is the colection they already have online if yah guys didnt already check it out :) so shity cuz this colection is suppost to cum out on thursday for all of yah'll bu here in hawaii they aint gonna release it till next week and MACS second collection aint cuming out till november 6 here in HAWAIII AUGGHH SUCKS for us here!!!! i guess i gotta jsut look at every thing nline for now but still i wanna see wut they all look like in person before i splurge my $$$

Pink and purple look

hey guys this was just a look i was playing around with using my mac pigments i use to always do this color combo and thought i d try it again we went to don quiotes again yesterday so thats where i used this look any ways i wanted to nab me MORE 99cents LASHES from RED CHERRY and to my LUCK there were BARELY any LEFT!!!! :( and the sale price went back UP!!!! for all there NYX products BOOO!!! but any ways i will post some of the things that i did manage to get :)

i used
-no base
-mac viza violet pigment on inner crease
-mac fushia pigment on outter crease

i just blended the 2 together sorry if it both looks pink i took a gazillion pics but none could show the TRUE COLOR damit!!! well hope yah like it anyways <3toodles

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coastel Scents Glitter Haul

HEy guys this is just a little glitter haul i ordered from coastel scents i just got it inthe mail on thursday but totaly forgot to post post it and i only took pictures today :) so if yah guys wanna know anything else just let me know i payed $1.50 for each of them and they were 1tsp. oh yah and my grandma came home from her trip to vegas but she actually lives in okinawa now so she stoped over here in hawaii for the weekend :) and she gave all the girls sum lip gloss's the orange one is called
"twisted citrus" and the reddish color one is called "the big caramapple".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue/Green look :)

CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE BTW my videos are up on the side bar if yah wanna check them out or you can just go to the link also :)

Heres another look i did for a contest on youtube i had a lot of fun doing lol most of my looks lately have been really BOLD i like it like that lol i guess cuz sumtimes i get bored just doing the colors on my lids i like doing on my whole eye lol hope u gals like it :)

Things used
-Mac Pearl Cream colored base
-121 palette green on lid
-121 palette blue on crease
-green under brow
-MAC chartuesse glitter over 2 green colors
-Mac blue glitter over blue eyeshadow
-RED Cherry #99 lashes

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Makeup removers

hey this is just a little post on the 2 makeup removers i have so far havent really tried any other products because i have been happy with these makeup wipes from walmart :)

BUt the other day i bought a new one that was similar to the one i had seen on (nessarymakeup) aka vanessa's blog and wanted to give it a try it cost $3.50 so i couldnt go wrong whith that :)...
and i tried it today an im LOVING IT!!!! it has a pump which you press on and the consistancy is like lotion. at first i was like "is this right"???? hahahah and when i took off my makeup with it,

It left my skin feeling great it did not feel dry or sticky i have sensitive,acne prone skin which is dry and oily in sum places and products like "CLINIQUE" REALLY MESS up my SKIN

I tried a line from them in the past which was one of those starter sets, i had bought it from macys not to sure but i think it came with "a face wash, toner, moisturizer and sumthing for my blemishes" they have it on sephora also. After about a week or 2 it totally STRIPED my SKIN and made it all dry RED and ITCHY my nose was pealing even my forehead and later it even made me break out AUGHH!!! worst expirience ever and for that price i thought it would be good.

at first i felt kinda bad cuz i HATE RETURNING things but then i thought to my self "shit i payed $62 BUCKS for this thing" !!!! so i should get my money back lol and i did ImiDiately!!!! now i cant really use any products from them i even tried one of there POPULAR MOISTURISERS it cums in the YELLOW tube... i forget wut it was called i just know it was from clinique and i purchased it at sephora for like $15 bucks a small size one which SUcKED on MY SKIN TOO!!! so NO MORE CLINIQUE for me lol

any ways

so wut kind of makeup removers to u gals use??? and how much do you like them:) let me know i'd like to here about it ok well no FOTD'S today its dark outside already and my lighting in this house sucks so i can only do tutorials during the day which sucks!!!

Pics from the Orange look i did the other Day from the video :)

sorry i totally forgot to post picks of the orange look i did the other day i only posted a short video of lol i was going for a look that i could use for halloween during the day it kinda looks the same as the other look i did but diffrent hope yah gals like it :)

things used
-Orange NYX jumbo pencil as base
-bright orange from 121 palette on entire lid
-black from 121 palette on outter crease
-orange "SPLASH" GLITTER over the orange eyeshadow on lids
-#45 Sassi lashes
-pink clear gloss with orange glitter over it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

blue/silver look :)

Hey guys this was a blue and silver look i wanted to try out after watching a video on youtube by (makeupbymammagee) she's awsome i have a tutorial on my youtube of it if yah wanna check it out its (youtube.com/cta808) ALSO...

things i used
- PEARL Mac cream shadow base
-#7 mac lashes
121-palette silver color on my inner lid
121-palette dark blue on my outter and just blended the 2 together
-MAC shroom as highlight
-pink clear gloss with "reflects pearl" pigment.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So heres a BUNCH of things i got over the past week or 2 

Harajuku Perfume from the PX on MILITARY BASE
-"Baby" -only $20 bucks versus $25 at SEPHORA YAY :)
-"LOVE"-only $35 bucks for LARGE size versus $45 at SEPHORA!!!!

Red cherry #99 lashes @99cents

Halloween lashes $5.50
Splash Glitter in Red and ORange $2.00
BesKine Lashes $2.50
Sassi $3.00

Wicked Green LOOK

This was just a little look i did for a contest on youtube for (sephorajunkie's) 
"Wicked green Look" i had fun playing with these greens :) and i have TOTALLY been into glitter for the past 2 months and is adding to my collection.

wut i used

-MAC Pearl cream colored base
-120 palette 3 diffrent greens sorry no #'S
-Chartruesse glitter by MAC
-#99 red cherry lashes