Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue/Green look :)

CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE BTW my videos are up on the side bar if yah wanna check them out or you can just go to the link also :)

Heres another look i did for a contest on youtube i had a lot of fun doing lol most of my looks lately have been really BOLD i like it like that lol i guess cuz sumtimes i get bored just doing the colors on my lids i like doing on my whole eye lol hope u gals like it :)

Things used
-Mac Pearl Cream colored base
-121 palette green on lid
-121 palette blue on crease
-green under brow
-MAC chartuesse glitter over 2 green colors
-Mac blue glitter over blue eyeshadow
-RED Cherry #99 lashes


jeSmakeup said...

damn all these MAC that everyones talkin about.. i really want some!! i have nothin of MAC bsides a cleanser and a concealer.. booo

nice colors btw... its like a sea color =)

ahbeeedotcom said...

its nice it is quite bold i must say. greenish more bluish very earthy.

i like it. i couldnt pull off a whole eye look. haha

Jessica Dee said...

LOL nice color combo ;] its purdyyy

Emeria said...

boyfriends are funny aren't they? he lectures me, but makes me feel good in the end kind of :]

but anyways you're too sweet hon! i'm still trying to get use to blogspot! The last time I had a journal type of thing online was like seriously 6 years ago on xanga..when I was about 14 :T..

but anyways you're from hawaii? my bf has family there and they own a bakery. Maybe you know it? Jesse's Bakery..well take care too!!