Tuesday, October 21, 2008

finally my halloween tinkerbell look with my doggy

hey guys so this is the look i did for my halloween look :) or at least one of them im thinking im going to try do atleast one more look :) not sure yet wut but i entered this into a contest and this is just y take on tinkerbell look hope u guys like it

things used
-fresco rose painpot on lid
-purple color shadow from 88 matte palette from coastel scents
-reflects pearl pigment applied over purple color on lid
-lime green glitter on brow bone from coastel scents
-#68 lashes from red cherry
-purple punch glitter form coastel scents applied on lower lash line

and you can chck out my video on my youtube its youtube.com/user/cta808

so here are sum pics of the look and also my love layla and her tinkerbell costume hope u guys like it
Picture heavy :)


jeSmakeup said...

hahahah how CUTE is that!!! awWwWwww tinkerbell and you're matchin her! its the cutuest i like ur glittery eye makeuP! that green is HOT! =) did ur doggie have fun too? hahaha

Emeria said...

OMG youre dog is soooo cute!!!

I paid 25 for everything but from ebay but it was called chic gallery but it came from beauty factory!! does that make any sense?..lol

anyways you have a good week too girl!!!

Jessica Dee said...

omgggg look your dog all dressed up for halloween! how cute is that!?

Vanessa said...

awww I love it! So cute! Good job!

Neeyuh said...

Very pretty!! Your doggy is sooooo adorable in that costume! =D

Tina Marie Online said...

Very pretty! Your tinkerbell doggie looks so cute! Hehe

URY said...

owwww...your dog is so cute =)