Monday, September 22, 2008

YAY my hauls came in 1 more to go!!!

120 palette from the

is awsome awsome awsome the color pay off is really good even with out a base i'll have a lot of colors to work with :) i mean this is my first large eyeshadow palette i still want to order the one from coastel scents lol.

and lastly the pigment samples from
the shipping was really fast an they have the cheapest mac pigments i seen online ;) i mostly ordered glitters though...
-neon pink glitter
-3D gold
-silver pigment
-reflects pearl (as a free gift) :)
-silver fog 
-reflects turquotic
-genuine orange
-bright coral 

thats all for now i am still waitng for my package from i order'd a pigment,paintpot samples and sum mixing medium... ok until then hope evey one is doing well <3>

more loooks :)

                                                                                   i used

-pearl cream color base by MAC
-floral fantasy (es) MAC
-gold color from hip eyeshadow duo/
-chrome yelloow (es) by MAC
-#99 falsies by cherry

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FOTD :) hope u guys like it

ps: u can click pics to ENLARGE :)

hi guys so today i decided to play around with sum makeup and was inspired to do this from tina at ( ;]

this is a pretty simple look that i enjoyed trying out  its pretty bright which i love and i added falsies by (cherry)

sorry i dont apply makeup to my face i have bad expirience with a lot of foundations haven't found one or even tried to look for more to try....
 i break out CHOKE and my dermatologist told me not to use any thing on my face cuz i also get like rash and stuff its pretty horrible :( 

and my EYEBROWS YES I KNOW THERE VERY BUSHY LOL i had to GROW them out cuz wen i went and got them waxed the lady really MESSED it up!!! now i just have to go to PAUL BROWN to REDO them but have yet to go :(
soon though really soon :)

hope u guys like this look i wanted to film it but i was to shame becuz of my face and eyebrows maybe next time 
so here are sum pics of the final look i used

-Pearl cream colored base by MAC
-Chrome yellow on inner lid 
-Firespot on outter lid

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


LOL my grandpa called today and told me i have 2 boxes that came in the mail i thought i was makeup but to my surprise my grandma who now lives in OKINAWA sent me sum MORE HELLO KITTY stuff my FAVORITE!!! even one of those soft blankets its the yellow one in the picture and the pink shiny bag is from like 2-3 months ago she sent it to me i never even used it YET and NOW they have it at SANRIO "japan exclusive" so there limited!!

well here are sum pics i thought i'd put up sorry not makup related but she did manage to find me sum stackable sample jars that im gonna ask for MORE of so i can put my samples from TKB in ;)

ok well hope all of you are doing well toodles <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i did sum hauling today!!!! Isn't that "120" pallete just LOVELY!!! pic from ( 

YES i ordered it today from them!!! :)

BUT i have been wanting that 88 shimmer pallete and the 15 emty shadow pallette from coastel scents i have seen so many reviews on it from youtube BUT i changed my mind beuz wen i went to order it today i found out the shipping was like 3o sumthing bucks!!! an i didnt wanna fork over that much cash for the PALLETE!!! 

im still on a budget like many pepo and have YET to find a job!! so i had to limit my self to wut i ordered and the COST of shipping!!! i know A LOT of sights are that MUCH!!! but i guess i didnt feel like paying that much since on another sight it was only like 5 dollers to ship....
any ways

-also ordered sum pigment samples and paintpot sameples from []
BUT i TOTALLY FORGOT to order sum emty pans!! for my pigment pressing i've been DIEING to do since i seen (VANESSA's) ("how to"  press pigments!!

-and more piggies from (

so imma be checking the order status like every day lol i'll put the list of pigments and swatches wen i get them in the mail and more pics of the eye shadow pallete cant WAIT!! :)  toodles

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Went to the MALL

so i finally went to the pearlridge today and stopped at MAC of COARSE and sephora i was going to pick up the "2 faced shadow insurance" an to my horror they were all OUT!!! :( and even at MAC they RAN OUT of "BITTER" i been wanting that for about 2 months now and ughhh they were all out.....ALTHOUGH i TOTALLY for GOT to CHECK the MAC counter since my boyfriend was rushing me and all i actually wanted to tell the MA that was helping me that i didnt want any of the stuff becuz she was acting so sassy to me maybe it was because i went in there with no make up on and i hadn't gotten my "eybrows" done yet!!!

i dont know but she kinda ruined my day by acting as though i shouldnt be in there or sumthing 
well any ways i was thinking about getting the "tempting" quad but i just got 

-FRESH GREEN MINX- mineralized DUO

which now wen i got home im thinking of returning because it actually looks WAY LIGHTER then the one i swatched im thinking yes all of them are diffrent so yah
im still gonna check back if they have "bitter" at the counter if NOT im just gonna get the "tempting" quad before they take it off the shelves

i didn't bother wanting the other quads because i already have similar colors...

also got
-Chrome yellow which i love

 im thinking to get "orange" and maybe "gorgeous gold" i guess i'll just have to see wen i go back this week...

Monday, September 1, 2008

ITs been a while....

See as u can tell in the pics above how empty the jar on the left is "old gold". and to the right is golden lemon. I purchased these 2 pigments 2-3 months AGO and only used them 1 TIME EACH!!! so basicly only now i realized that MAC is ripping us off and i DIDNT even know it!!! im sorry my pics are so ugly and washed out i dont have my camera and had to use my shity cell phone. 

so yes i havent came on here for a while now because i havent been all that into getting and buying makeup because i have been having sum family issues and just on life in general. but i am now up to date with all those wonderful youtube video's and all those wonderfull blogs out there :) 

i guess right now im also in a search for a job! like many other people its funny cuz me and the boy friend have been applying online and sending our resume's out lol

and i have been so busy lately and kinda broke that i had to stop my self from going into a MAC store :( lol well maybe after i find a job i'll be heading in there or i just might order sum stuff online that i been wanting for a while like pigments but because i have been hereing alll that stuff about the pigment size being smaller im kinda hesitent to buy any i think it was about 
any who im off to do sum chores and i'll be back on here maybe tomorow