Monday, September 1, 2008

ITs been a while....

See as u can tell in the pics above how empty the jar on the left is "old gold". and to the right is golden lemon. I purchased these 2 pigments 2-3 months AGO and only used them 1 TIME EACH!!! so basicly only now i realized that MAC is ripping us off and i DIDNT even know it!!! im sorry my pics are so ugly and washed out i dont have my camera and had to use my shity cell phone. 

so yes i havent came on here for a while now because i havent been all that into getting and buying makeup because i have been having sum family issues and just on life in general. but i am now up to date with all those wonderful youtube video's and all those wonderfull blogs out there :) 

i guess right now im also in a search for a job! like many other people its funny cuz me and the boy friend have been applying online and sending our resume's out lol

and i have been so busy lately and kinda broke that i had to stop my self from going into a MAC store :( lol well maybe after i find a job i'll be heading in there or i just might order sum stuff online that i been wanting for a while like pigments but because i have been hereing alll that stuff about the pigment size being smaller im kinda hesitent to buy any i think it was about 
any who im off to do sum chores and i'll be back on here maybe tomorow 


jeSmakeup said...

As popular as MAC is... i wouldnt think they'll rip us off... i dont have anything MAC which sucks... kinda jobless so i do gotta spend my money wisely...