Wednesday, September 17, 2008


LOL my grandpa called today and told me i have 2 boxes that came in the mail i thought i was makeup but to my surprise my grandma who now lives in OKINAWA sent me sum MORE HELLO KITTY stuff my FAVORITE!!! even one of those soft blankets its the yellow one in the picture and the pink shiny bag is from like 2-3 months ago she sent it to me i never even used it YET and NOW they have it at SANRIO "japan exclusive" so there limited!!

well here are sum pics i thought i'd put up sorry not makup related but she did manage to find me sum stackable sample jars that im gonna ask for MORE of so i can put my samples from TKB in ;)

ok well hope all of you are doing well toodles <3


jeSmakeup said...

whoaaa thats a hell lot of hello kitty! ur such a big fan huh? i wanan visit hawaii someday... thats like my dream!!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

yumm yumm hello kitty!!!