Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i did sum hauling today!!!! Isn't that "120" pallete just LOVELY!!! pic from (beauties-factory.com) 

YES i ordered it today from them!!! :)

BUT i have been wanting that 88 shimmer pallete and the 15 emty shadow pallette from coastel scents i have seen so many reviews on it from youtube BUT i changed my mind beuz wen i went to order it today i found out the shipping was like 3o sumthing bucks!!! an i didnt wanna fork over that much cash for the PALLETE!!! 

im still on a budget like many pepo and have YET to find a job!! so i had to limit my self to wut i ordered and the COST of shipping!!! i know A LOT of sights are that MUCH!!! but i guess i didnt feel like paying that much since on another sight it was only like 5 dollers to ship....
any ways

-also ordered sum pigment samples and paintpot sameples from [girlmeetsmakeup.com]
BUT i TOTALLY FORGOT to order sum emty pans!! for my pigment pressing i've been DIEING to do since i seen (VANESSA's) ("how to"  press pigments!!

-and more piggies from (thebodyneeds.com)

so imma be checking the order status like every day lol i'll put the list of pigments and swatches wen i get them in the mail and more pics of the eye shadow pallete cant WAIT!! :)  toodles


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hi Chanel. They're fine in the ziplocks, they're not messy or anything. I haven't transferred them to jars but I've heard that it can get messy if you do transfer them. You could try this method though because I've heard it's the best method for transferring them to jars:

Hope this helps.

Lani said...

hey girl good to see you bloggin again. i'm always MIA for a while, then come back lol. i know not many people read my blog but it's aight lol. well that is some mean haulage girl. hope you like the 120. i wish i could play with my makeup more. my son turned one in august and he knows how to keep me busy. lol.

jeSmakeup said...

can't go wrong wit these 120 e/s palettes huh... i love them sooo much!! its like almost every color we need so i dont have to buy indiviuals all the time =P