Sunday, September 7, 2008

Went to the MALL

so i finally went to the pearlridge today and stopped at MAC of COARSE and sephora i was going to pick up the "2 faced shadow insurance" an to my horror they were all OUT!!! :( and even at MAC they RAN OUT of "BITTER" i been wanting that for about 2 months now and ughhh they were all out.....ALTHOUGH i TOTALLY for GOT to CHECK the MAC counter since my boyfriend was rushing me and all i actually wanted to tell the MA that was helping me that i didnt want any of the stuff becuz she was acting so sassy to me maybe it was because i went in there with no make up on and i hadn't gotten my "eybrows" done yet!!!

i dont know but she kinda ruined my day by acting as though i shouldnt be in there or sumthing 
well any ways i was thinking about getting the "tempting" quad but i just got 

-FRESH GREEN MINX- mineralized DUO

which now wen i got home im thinking of returning because it actually looks WAY LIGHTER then the one i swatched im thinking yes all of them are diffrent so yah
im still gonna check back if they have "bitter" at the counter if NOT im just gonna get the "tempting" quad before they take it off the shelves

i didn't bother wanting the other quads because i already have similar colors...

also got
-Chrome yellow which i love

 im thinking to get "orange" and maybe "gorgeous gold" i guess i'll just have to see wen i go back this week...


Anonymous said...

I totally understand where you going through..Ever single time I go in MAC..they act all HOT shet! yeh..they try to ignore me for some odd reason..And yeah I do go in there without my makeup on..eyebrows totally and they don't help me..but when I put on my whole makeup thingy going on..then they Help. lol so weird ..that's why if I ever work for MAC. I would "never" treat anyone different.-HawaiichiclovesMAC