Saturday, November 22, 2008

makeup HAUL :)

so heres a few things i picked up today went to the mall since i had a day off from work! huh dont know wen imma be off again i usually work 6 days a week or even 7 if i can get it lol but yah i wanna save up so i can for sure buy my family every thing they wanted/need not to mention all the baking i have to squeeze in for the holidays :) mmmhhmm for thanksgiving imma make "red Velvet" CUPCAKES :) cant wait to spend time with the family and have a nice dinner. ANY whostopped at MAC of coarse!! wen i went to the mall and

my BF bought me the other little darlings "warm eyes" pigment set since i bought the "cool EYES" weeks ago now im leeming on getting the purple red she said eyeshadow palette since i already have the "smokey" and "warm eyes" WHICh i LOVE!!! there great for every day neutral looks an u can use it to intensify wut ever look u want if yah want it more dramatic look.

So heres another eye shadow duo i picked up from MAC actually before i walked outta the mall i passed the mac counter again and was like i so want this DUO so i bought this an PAINTERLY paintPOT

Also before that i went to K MARt picked up sum great brushes i finally found a set of "POSH" brushes they never use to sell those here in hawaii so wen i seen it i was like i gotta have it the brush set i got is GREAT PERFECT set for traveling or sticking in your PURSE wen yah go sum where since there a mini set :)

I also picked up 2 other regular brushes which i already have from K mart but these are pink ones which are super cheep and really soft

I'll prolly post my COSTCO brush set later i dont feel like taking pics of it yet.... but i can say the BRUSHES are so WORTH the price!!!!
hope u all have a good weekend too bad i gotta work


jeSmakeup said...

those pink ones r from Kmart? no kiddin if so ima go there! posh brushes r cute.. almost looks like the holiday mac brushes.. nice haul btw!

jeSmakeup said...

email me plz

Princesa said...

nice blog!
the brushes look so cute!