Thursday, November 20, 2008


these posts on here havent done a post or a video on you tube in ages youtube becuz sumthing was wrong wit my account and on here blogger cuz i been slacking and i FINALLY got a job!! YAY me lol im officially a cashier at LOngs DruGs i mean nothing too special but hey its a job and they pay me every week lmao although since i just started yesterday which was tuesday i wont get payed till next thursday then after that every thursday FRICK i CANT WAIT i so WANNA head to MAC and blow sum MULAH!!! hahah plus LONGS SELLS CHOKE NYX makeup there and sum stuff for home that i wanna pick up they have great sales and already my family is bugging me for my employee discount lol

an 1 of my grandma's who now live in okinawa wants me to send her some hawaiian chocolates and sum other goodies thank god shes sending me sum DOUGH for new work shoes and her gifts lol

well any who no buys for me right now the last makeup item i purchased was my "MAC little Darlings COOL EYES pigments" which i luv but havent really touched since i bought it the other week so "metal URGE" came out i think i wanna buy all the GLITTERS u know me i luv my glitters

any who hope all of you are doing well sorry again for the lack of postsupdated i'll try to post sum pics soon any who its 1:30 at night here and i gotta hit the sheets cuz i work tomorrow at 9-9 augghh so tired from work half falling asleep on here k u all take care <3chanel