Friday, November 7, 2008

awkward post i know lol

dammit i didnt get to pick up my package from "" aww well tomorrow 1st thing in the morning lol i will be all over it :)

so i just seen "vans" post on birthcontrol lol

and i was just left her a comment that i wanted to blog about that situation

so wen i seen her post lol i thought i might as well make one if she did it hahaha so if yah dont wanna read this stuff stop now lol

any who i just recently went back on the depo provera shot im sure most of u have hurd about it....

well for me i like it because u take it every 3 MONTHS!!! yah it lasts for a really long time so i like the concept of that although the shot is painful every time i take it.... i wont be able to sleep on my arm if i get it there or if i get it on my butt lol it hurts to lie on.... but other than that over the years that i have been on it through out high sku and omg i was NOT i mean not only using it for birth control but i went on it at a young age becuz i have a IRREGULAR PERIOD to where my PERIOD would LAST over a MONTH LONG yes A FRIKEN MONTh not to MENTIOn EMERGENCY ROOM trips i think i went to the emergency 4 times in 2 months becuz my cramps and back pain was so BAD that i had to be injected wit some pain killers to stop alll tha dam pain!!! AUGHH i went through HELL!!!

that is why i went on the shot wen i was in like 6th grade an yah only wen i was a senior i went off it becuz i wanted to see if my period would be bad like before so i have been off it for like 2 years now an jus went on it again a month ago and NOW my PERIODs all FU*kED up!!! i had it for like a month already off an on wut the FU&*K man!!!
but any who back wen i was on it,
it did CLEAR up my PIMPLES REALLLY REALLY WELL and not to mention i DONT get my PERIOD AT ALL only very little spoting at the end of the 3 months right before im suppost to take it again.

for some pepo this can differ and be the complete opposite and they will have a heavy flow so yah all pepo are diffrent but for me it was a very good thing at the time....

so now im debating weather or not to stay on it..... i hate the pill and dont think i wanna go on the ring theres a couple more options but i might jus stay on the shot a little konger to see if my peroid goes away thats ANOTHER reasin why I LIKE it so MUCH!!! cuz i dont get my PERIOD!!! YAY i mean seriously who likes dealing wit that!! AUGHH


jeSmakeup said...

what is shop craze? looks ineteresting... is those MAC pigments samples?

Vanessa M. said...

hmm ive heard about the shot, but my sister was o it and she gained alot of weight lol so areyou looking for alternatives? the ring! lol i love it girl! my sis in law has irregular periods too and that works for her too

Kimberly Tia said...

oh nooo.. another fabulous discount makeup site Chanel???
"le sigh" -- at least, maybe I can do some xmas shoppin' there -- and u know i loooves my NYX! ^_^